Thoughts of Being Friendless

1 Sep

Do you find you much rather be alone than waste time with people while trying to accommodate their amusements, guessing charades, or quandaries?

Can you really trust people to be your friend, or do you not trust yourself to be one? People talk about you behind your back, they seem to always be watching you. They have something to say about how you act, look, and what you wear.  tomorrow.

English: me and my friend

English: me and my friend (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When you interact with someone you began to feel like you are giving way too much of yourself. You even feel a scantily bare, as if they are somehow looking utterly through you and not at you.

People conversations are so fake and pretentious. They chat about the weather, looking at you sideways babbling about utter nonsense. I am like “Why are you wasting my time and yours too”?

When you do not trust people having friendships are difficult. It’s almost non-existent. There are so many lonely people in the world, but having the courage to let them have one a chance to make you their friend is the same as you expecting to have a friend in them… No trust at all.

When someone really likes you the conversation should not be forced. It should be natural. You should feel at ease with that person and glad to see them.

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