Flirty Girls

15 Jul

Since the world follows the “ladies first” rule, I am going to play along. Female flirting body language has been considered an enigma. That is probably because women prefer to be creative with their expressions in flirting and body language. They could try out pick up lines for girls one day, and try being the shy girl the next. Basically, female flirting body language is not easy to read. Just keep these few tips in mind, and you should be fine.

•Crossing the legs and sitting is a classic flirting technique. She may switch the legs as well (Basic Instinct style).

•Playing with the hair and smiling is another thing that women do involuntarily when they like a guy. So, if she is seen doing this, she most probably, is flirting.

•Showing her bare neck and shoulders is a way to entice men as well. Women do it quite often when they are flirting with men.

•When flirting, women maintain eye contact with the man. This prolonged eye contact makes the man listen more intently and get attracted to them.

•Most women play with the round surface of the glass or the plate while flirting with men. The conversation goes on normally, but the hand movement is slow and steady.

•While flirting, women tend to run their palm on their neck. They do this lightly and gently. This brings the man’s attention to their neck, and it works as an attraction technique.

•If a woman keeps touching the guy is some way or the other, like stroking his arm or playing with his hair, it is clear – she is flirting!

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